Tribe 21 are a new MCC created in support of the Blue Angels. This new chapter covers the South East area


In November 2011 Tribe was born out of Edinburgh, when the Scottish Streetfighters, an established Blue Angels support club, changed their name and became the first chapter of Tribe. The South East chapter was formed soon after, followed by other chapters in both Scotland and the north of England. Presently there are a total of 11 chapters, these have all been established in under 2 years.
Tribe South East covers the Lanarkshire area of Scotland. We are a very social club who love to ride our bikes, we have regular ride outs and attend rallies, and like to party. Tribe are a Support club, and not a MC club. We are not a gang, outlaw club or 1% club, but a club of law-abiding motorcyclists who enjoy our bikes, going to rallys and partys, and the camaraderie of our brotherhood.
Tribe South East accept membership recommendations from any other member, and these recommendations are assessed and voted upon by the club. So if you are interested in joining, feel free to contact us and arrange to meet up. There will be a probationary period so we can all get to know each other, and check you are a good fit for the club.

Tribe is the official support club for the Blue Angels MC.